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McMaster & St. Joseph's Hamilton Welcome Dr. Kabuye from Uganda

Feb 13, 2019, 13:24 PM by David Oldenburger
Dr. Ronald Kabuye arrived early January to begin a year-long Thoracic Surgery fellowship. Ronald will begin with St. Joe's Thoracic Surgery group and then work at Credit Valley's Thoracic Surgery team from July to December.

We would like to welcome Dr. Ronald Kabuye and hope he finds his time working in Hamilton and Mississauga valuable!

 Welcoming Dinner at the Cameron's (Left to Right): Dr. AndrewDr.KabuyeVisit to McMaster Giles (PGY5 Gen Surg), Thal Mohammed & Dr. Adam Mohammed (Credit Valley Thoracic Surgery & McMaster Thoracic Alumnus), Dr. Ronald Kabuye (Uganda), Dr. Brian Cameron (McMaster Pediatric Surgery), Pat Cameron, Dr. John Miller (Ret. McMaster Thoracic Surgeon), Pat Miller, Front: Dr. John Agzarian (McMaster Thoracic Surgery Program Director), Dr. Samena Uddin (Credit Valley Thoracic Surgeon & McMaster Thoracic alumnae)

Global Surgery is "an area of study, research, practice, and advocacy, that seeks to improve health outcomes and achieve health equity for all people who need surgical and anesthesia care, with a special emphasis on underserved populations and populations in crisis. It uses collaborative, cross-sectoral, and transnational approaches and is a synthesis of population-based strategies with individual surgical and anesthesia care"

- Dare, et al., 2014, The Lancet, 384(9961), 2245-2247.

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